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Laurent Goethals [managing director]


Direct marketing and product innovation expert



Laurent Goethals discovered the wonderland of direct marketing at 3Suisses as DM-copywriter for the Unigro catalogue. His marketing campaigns established his reputation as innovator and he was the first to introduce emotion in the sales pitch.

Laurent then became direct marketing manager at Touring Verzekeringen. A smart, result-oriented methodology grew the company’s customer base spectacularly, simultaneously reducing the acquisition cost per new client by 25%. In 2006, he and his team won the Cuckoo Award 'Best Integrated Marketing Campaign' for the successful launch of the commuter car insurance.

Laurent Goethals has always been a pioneer in successful product innovation which made the news every time. The most renowned example is the car insurance per mile: ''if you drive less, you can save on your insurance budget".


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